Approccio dell'UE nei confronti dell'Iran


9 March 2011 - Strasbourg


Pino Arlacchi (S&D) - Mr President, the initial text of this report was criticised for its aggressive language, focusing mostly on Iran’s nuclear programme, neglecting the human rights concern and lacking a positive perspective for future cooperation.

The numerous amendments presented by my group and by others correct these flaws, and the current text is a balanced one. It distinguishes the two main dossiers: human rights abuses by the current government and the Iranian nuclear programme.

The two dossiers are not the same thing, and it is irresponsible to make threats to Iran of war or international intervention, as I have heard suggested in this Parliament today. If you want to strengthen Ahmadinejad, just continue to do so, because all Iranians, regardless of their political positions, will take a stand against any foreign intervention. The current policy that the European Council and also the High Representative are taking is the right one, because it is based on a careful appreciation of the situation on the ground.



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