Situation in Bielorussia


Thursday, 29 March 2012 - Brussels

Propositions de résolution - RC-B7-0178/2012

Pino Arlacchi (S&D ), in writing . − Dear Mr. President, I voted for this resolution because the recent deterioration of the political situation in Belarus must be condemned. Since the presidential elections of 19 December 2010, despite repeated calls from the international community, repressive measures have been taken against members of the democratic opposition, the free media, civil society activists and human rights defenders.

In addition to that, an EU-Belarus diplomatic conflict escalated after the Belarusian authorities requested that the ambassador of the EU and the Polish ambassador leave the country, and recalled their own ambassadors from Brussels and Warsaw. In view of these last events, I support the decision to withdraw all the EU ambassadors from Belarus, and I believe that a firm commitment on the part of all EU Member States to act in a united manner can promote universal values in Belarus and bring the country closer to the path of democratic transition. It is of fundamental importance to stress that there cannot be any progress in the EU-Belarus dialogue without progress by Belarus in terms of democracy, human rights and rule of law.



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