President Karzai Receives EU Delegation

Print , 3 march 2010

President Karzai Receives Pino ArlacchiPresident Hamid Karzai received for a meeting on Wednesday a delegation of EU members led by Dr. Pino Arlacchi, vice-chair of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Afghanistan.

Issues discussed in the meeting, which was held in the Presidential Palace included talks on EU continued support to Afghanistan, regional cooperation, Reintegration and Peace Process and enhanced relations between the two parliaments.

 The delegation declared support to Afghanistan’s plan for the peace and national reconciliation and said EU was prepared to help Afghanistan in its efforts for that end.

Dr. Arlacchi added the European Union remains committed in helping Afghanistan with its agriculture development and alternative livelihood program and stated that the EU is announcing to Afghanistan an annual aid package of 100 million Euros for the next five years to be directly spent through government budget.

President Karzai thanked the EU for all the assistance and help it is providing to Afghanistan.


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