President Karzai Expresses Pleasure over EC Assistance


The Kabul Times, 4 march 2010

Pino Arlacchi with President KarzaiPresident Hamid Karzai had a meeting yesterday with the Special Envoy of EC who is also deputy head of parliamentary committee of the EC.

They discussed assistance of the EC to Afghanistan, reconciliation and reintegration program of Afghanistan and the expansion of relation between Afghanistan and EC parliaments.

The EC Envoy expressed pleasure over his visit to Afghanistan and said that EC supports the reconciliation and reintegration program of Afghanistan and is prepared to assist in realization of this program. He added that besides its previous commitments, the EC in order to help development of agriculture in Afghanistan will provide Euro 100 million per year for a five-year period to this will be channeled through the Afghan government.

President Karzai expressed pleasure over the assistance of the EC people of Afghanistan.




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